We provide excellent services to all our clients with the best of our knowledge and capabilities to satisfy each and everyone’s needs accordingly.

We specialize in providing quality training to live-in caretakers and certified nurse assistants. We provide our clients with only the best caretakers who are well trained with relevant qualification to carry out their respected duties.

We specially train our caretakers to become specialized in taking care of patients with medical conditions such as : Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Stroke, Cancer, Paralysis, Frequent fall, Respiratory problem, Heart disease, Bed-ridden patient, Fractures , etc.


  • Friendly customer service , reliable, reputed, trusted and licensed training centre.
  • We listen and understand clients concerns and needs.
  • We are honest and committed to the highest integrity of professionalism.
  • We are committed to provide a long term service to our clients.
  • Our caretakers can be interviewed over the call or Skype.


  • Qualified nurses or caretakers with experience are personally interviewed.
  • Caretakers are gone through background checks.
  • Caretakers are given ten days training.
  • Caretakers are gone through background checks.
  • They are taught the Israeli way of living.
  • They have good command over English and basic knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic language.

Hotel Recruitment Agencies

We are one of the recognized hotel recruitment agencies specialized in recognizing, evaluating, and putting expert and management talent in the hospitality business. Our recruiters have made senior-level placements in every aspect of the hospitality business.

Our recruiters take time to grasp your business targets, association culture, and specific job necessities in detail when we at first start an errand. Our hotel staff recruitment agencies do this with the objective that we can show unequivocally the kind of professional candidate you need to light up your business challenge. Our client recruitment relationships are confined by trust, discretion, and confidentiality. Our official recruiters have totally revolved around, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our hospitality industry clients. Our hotel recruitment agency feels that our qualities lie in the way that we have years of experience to draw upon when working an assignment. We thus feel our ability to recruit excellent candidates is unmatched, and we as often as possible can bring great value beyond the basic executive and recruitment of candidates.
Hotel Manpower Agency: Provide You The Complete Satisfaction

Our hotel manpower agency is acclaim for making the ideal match among candidates and clients. We grasp that associations and furthermore people have solitary personalities that must be considered to fulfill truly viable circumstances. When you incorporate our hotel management recruitment agencies onto your team, we listen as carefully to you as we do to the candidates we meet for your purpose. Your objectives, your criteria, and your budget for a position are just the beginning. Company culture, methods for operation, working condition and diverse intangibles are similarly surveyed and added to the request portfolio. From the earliest starting point, our objective isn’t just to make a circumstance, however, to present to you the star candidate that will best propel the long-term success of your company. Our hotel staff recruitment agencies consultants approach each assignment with a showed request process and methodology derived from various circumstances of experience recruiting talent for the hospitality industry

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Hotel Recruitment Services: Insight Of Our Search Process

Define Goals and Specifications.

Our hotel recruitment agencies consult with the client on association culture, state of business, and corporate vision. Define the job specifications, like title, degree and commitments, compensation package, reporting associations, and profile of the ideal candidate

Identify and Evaluate Candidates.

  • Collect a list of target sources for candidates.
  • Perceive candidates using a restrictive database, all inclusive network of contacts, and industry research.
  • Screen and survey candidates and prepare profiles as appropriate for client review


  • Interview prospects to choose whether their backgrounds are “on center” with client needs.
  • Prepare briefs for clients that highlight singular qualities, work history, and observations made by an interviewer.
  • Make last candidate list and compose client interviews of candidates.

Candidate Selection

  • Coordinate last reference checks
  • Conduct finalist meets and select candidate.
  • Ask for the specialists of a dynamic client.
  • Contact all sources and unsuccessful candidates to deal with potential issues.
  • Our hotel staff recruitment agencies ensure smooth move for authority and client satisfaction with the request


  • Coordinate candidate post-obtain survey.
  • Maintain relationship with the client to take after hire’s progress.
  • Maintain relationship with employee to ensure smooth move and survey progress