Hotel Recruitment Agencies

Encompassing a whole lot of areas that are diverse in themselves and yet unique in their customer-centric approach, Hospitality Industry is vast and extensive. As the global economy is picking up fast, it is witnessing a growing number of opportunities for newcomers as well as experienced players. The industry demands skilled candidates with a positive approach towards their specific sector and full conviction in their profile. Hard working people can see their careers rocketing as one can reach the top in a short span of time.

We, at Zion International, solely focus on placing quality candidates in the hospitality industry throughout the world. Serving various industries, ranging from insurance, banking, and financial services to travel & leisure, we have the experts from all the sectors who assist in shortlisting the most suitable candidate, befitting your specifications. With our extensive hospitality operations and search experience, we assist recruiters to staff candidates at the staff, management and executive level coast to coast.

Some of the career options in this industry : Food & Beverage

  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Butler
  • Steward
  • Captain
  • Head Waiter
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bar Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Assistant Bartender
  • Host / Hostess
  • Commis
  • Executive Sous Chef / Chef De Cuisine
  • General Manager

Front Office / Cust. Care

  • Receptionist
  • Reservations Manager
  • Travel Desk Manager
  • Cashier
  • Front Office / Guest Relations Exec. / Mgr
  • Lobby / Duty Manager
  • Senior Management
  • Head / VP / GM-F&B
  • Head / VP / GM-Accounts
  • Head / VP / -PR / Corp. Communication
  • CEO / MD / Director
  • Night Auditor


  • Housekeeper
  • Assistant Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping Team Member
  • Linen Porter
  • Conference & Banqueting
  • Conference & Banqueting Manager
  • Conference & Banqueting Sales Manager

Conference & Banqueting

  • Conference & Banqueting Manager
  • Conference & Banqueting Sales Manager

We have an extensive database of qualified candidates and a broad network of contacts at all levels within the hospitality industry. We fill all the management and key support positions including executives, culinary, regional & district managers, human resource management, marketing personnel, accounting professionals and others. Indian candidates have found ready acceptance in the global marketplace and are much in demand, especially in Gulf countries. To serve our clients in a better fashion, apart from screening the candidates for the elementary round of interview, we also conduct the orientation program for them, once the selection has been done.

Hotel Recruitment Agencies

We are one of the recognized hotel recruitment agencies specialized in recognizing, evaluating, and putting expert and management talent in the hospitality business. Our recruiters have made senior-level placements in every aspect of the hospitality business.

WOur recruiters take time to grasp your business targets, association culture, and specific job necessities in detail when we at first start an errand. Our hotel staff recruitment agencies do this with the objective that we can show unequivocally the kind of professional candidate you need to light up your business challenge. Our client recruitment relationships are confined by trust, discretion, and confidentiality. Our official recruiters have totally revolved around, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our hospitality industry clients. Our hotel recruitment agency feels that our qualities lie in the way that we have years of experience to draw upon when working an assignment. We thus feel our ability to recruit excellent candidates is unmatched, and we as often as possible can bring great value beyond the basic executive and recruitment of candidates.

Hotel Staff Recruitment Agencies: Get The Best Skill Set Here

Our hotel staff recruitment agencies have placed candidates in senior and mid-level authority positions, including General Managers, Financial Controllers, Directors of Room Operations, Food and Beverage Directors, Directors of Sales and Marketing, and distinctive positions essential to the success of a hotel operation. Moreover, specialists of our hotel manpower agency have worked with clients addressing different sorts of properties inside the convenience business, including indulgence properties, objective resorts, and upscale hotel systems.

Hotel Manpower Agency: Provide You The Complete Satisfaction

Our hotel manpower agency is acclaim for making the ideal match among candidates and clients. We grasp that associations and furthermore people have solitary personalities that must be considered to fulfill truly viable circumstances. When you incorporate our hotel management recruitment agencies onto your team, we listen as carefully to you as we do to the candidates we meet for your purpose. Your objectives, your criteria, and your budget for a position are just the beginning. Company culture, methods for operation, working condition and diverse intangibles are similarly surveyed and added to the request portfolio. From the earliest starting point, our objective isn’t just to make a circumstance, however, to present to you the star candidate that will best propel the long-term success of your company. Our hotel staff recruitment agencies consultants approach each assignment with a showed request process and methodology derived from various circumstances of experience recruiting talent for the hospitality industry

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Hotel Recruitment Services: Insight Of Our Search Process

Define Goals and Specifications.

  • Our hotel recruitment agencies consult with the client on association culture, state of business, and corporate vision.
  • Define the job specifications, like title, degree and commitments, compensation package, reporting associations, and profile of the ideal


Identify and Evaluate Candidates.

  • Collect a list of target sources for candidates.
  • Perceive candidates using a restrictive database, all inclusive network of contacts, and industry research.
  • Screen and survey candidates and prepare profiles as appropriate for client review


  • Interview prospects to choose whether their backgrounds are “on center” with client needs.
  • Prepare briefs for clients that highlight singular qualities, work history, and observations made by an interviewer.
  • Make last candidate list and compose client interviews of candidates.

Candidate Selection

  • Coordinate last reference checks
  • Conduct finalist meets and select candidate.
  • Ask for the specialists of a dynamic client.
  • Contact all sources and unsuccessful candidates to deal with potential issues.
  • Our hotel staff recruitment agencies ensure smooth move for authority and client satisfaction with the request


  • Coordinate candidate post-obtain survey.
  • Maintain relationship with the client to take after hire’s progress.
  • Maintain relationship with employee to ensure smooth move and survey progress