At Zion Caretaker Training Center (ZCTC), we are extremely proud of our legacy in the caretaker education and training industry in India. Today, we help the students excel consistently, results and this substantiates our legacy of quality as well as persistence in caretaker training, health & safety, and emergency life support.

ZCTC provides students with the skills and knowledge that allow them to succeed in today’s global environment. Rigorous institutional excellence, exposure to practical experiences, a faculty committed to excellence in research, curriculum and strategy, helps us foster professional development to match a dynamic and global environment.

We welcome you to discover for yourself what makes ZCTC a fountainhead of talent. We pride ourselves in enabling our students to excel, add value to our society and prove their mettle. We strive to attain what is best for all our stakeholders.

Thank you,
Director, Zion Caretaker Training Center