• There is often the need for RPO services in companies nowadays. Recruitment job is tedious one and often many companies prefer to outsource these jobs. If you want to do this job by yourself, you would have many liabilities. The offshore recruitment process outsourcing has become very popular as companies prefer to be free from this complicated process. Several companies have been formed that are specialized in rpo services in India and are serving companies all over the nation. Finding the right rpo company India is often a challenge. There are many agencies that are functioning. But all of them are not of the desired standards. You need to avail the services from a reliable agency that remains constant in their levels of services.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO ) Company services
  • Zion Recruitment Agency – leading international RPO Services India Agency. We are helping global companies, businesses and recruitment agencies with candidate sourcing, database, CV sourcing, data sourcing & data generation, e-reference checking, and recruitment process outsourcing services. We furnish best rpo consultancy to our clients that are in India and also spread all over the globe. We conduct the rpo recruitment in a professional way and that has led to the establishment of the reputation of our company.
  • Choosing the right resource is becoming a challenge for business entities nowadays. The right candidate is often found wanting in many situations. The advent of corporate culture has made it all more imminent to find the right manpower for the job. Businesses who are looking for the reliable recruitment solutions are feeling the necessity for outsourcing their recruitment process to a partner who is capable of delivering best in the industry.
  • Our clients can stay one step ahead of their competition; reduce time consumption in day-to-day recruitment tasks so that they can streamline core activities to lead in the industry. We can take care of the nitty-gritty that is involved in the recruitment procedure.

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing

  • The offshore process of recruitment can be done for the clients that are located at a distance. This is handled quite deftly that does not allow any problems to creep in. There is no problem at all if the client is located in a different place. You will just not feel the difference between the services. We are open to all types of recruitment. You need to provide us with all the details of the post related to the job descriptions, post, and the remuneration. Only then will we be able to serve you properly.
    Recruiting Process Outsourcing Solutions
  • There is no shortcut or template to fit all recruitment process that is why we offer scalable and customized recruitment process outsourcing solutions designed to meet your hiring needs.
  • Recruitment Services
  • Training Services for Corporates & Employees
  • Counseling Services
  • Executive Search
  • Expat Search
  • Project Based Hiring
  • Contract Staffing
  • CV Formatting and Processing
  • CV Formatting
  • Elite Recruitment
  • Data Sourcing and Gathering
  • We can safely say that we are one of the best RPO providers in India this moment. Our solutions provide 360-degree assistance to our clients as they outsource their recruitment solutions. We give our complete dedication to the process and services that we cater to our clients including.
  • Candidate Research
  • Timesheet Processing
  • Ad Response Handling
  • Candidate Document Management
  • CV Database Management
  • Our solutions range from data management of the candidates and we provide our solutions in temporary as well as full-time employment. We maintain a complete reservoir of data that helps our clients achieve the best in class solutions.

Measurable results - SLA and KPI process and results.

  • Lowered cost & shared risk - Cost-effective and secure to handle fluctuating needs.
  • Reduced time-to-fill - Multiple levels tried and tested the sourcing strategy to accelerate your recruiting process.
  • Optimized technology - Use of latest technology and tools to embrace trends.
  • Consistency - Our global presence helps streamline recruitment functions across multiple reasons including in countries like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia
  • Uniformity - Helps improve and protects global branding of your company.
  • Elite talent - We have some of the best-recruiting staff in our team to help attract top talent.
  • Compliance - We are well-versed in different countries industry and governance regulations.
  • Centralization - We offer centralized solutions for global account management and vendor management in India.
  • Quality - Use stringent assessment tools and interview techniques evaluate your recruit-to-hire business performance for best hiring.
  • We will give emphasis to quality rather than quantity. Our industry associations give us ample exposure to changing dynamics and needs of the market. We have a series of processes that help us in finding the right candidate for you.
  • We have a transparent and stringent process that is full proof and provides our clients with the best possible pool of resources. During our research, we apply our best practices that help to find the right choice. Your pro staffing priorities are safe at our hands.
  • Start recruiting at a higher level through one of the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing company in India to save up 50% of your existing recruitment cost. Contact us right now! for global workforce solution‎.

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